«Konti Stefania» candies


«Konti Stefania» candies

gmo quality

Glazed combined «Konti Stefania» candies has a fondant body of dark color with additional cognac and a jelly filling of brown color with addition of natural cocoa powder.
Vikonanno packaging design in patriotic yellow and black colors.
Tsikavo, that the name of Stefaniya was long ago worn by people with an independent militaristic character, purposeful and practical.

Weight, g Box weight, kg Number of blocks in a box, pcs Quantity per block, pcs Quantity per box, kg / pc Storage life, months
  7 7   7 7
Energy value of the product per 100 g
Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Calories
1 14 73 420/1780

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