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Use of Cookies on the Site

Cookies are small pieces of data that your web browser stores on your computer or other device when you first visit, and which allow to recognize your computer or other device when you visit again. When you open a page of the site, your web browser sends to our site these fragments of data as part of the http-request. Thus, can access only those cookies that your browser has provided. Cookies are designed to preserve the characteristics of the tools you use, your individual settings, personal preferences and anonymous statistics of your interaction with our site, etc. and to carry out automated collection and processing of such data.

Cookies can be permanent and stored on a computer or other device until the user deletes them, or temporary (session), i.e. cookies stored only until the current browser session is closed. There are the following cookie file types: Absolutely necessary cookies - these are needed for the user to move around the web page and when using certain services, in particular for registration and authorization, site search, etc. For example, without such cookies, the site will not be able to remember that you have logged in or placed some products in the cart. Such files are of material importance to the basic functions of the site.

Operational (analytical) cookies are used to collect information about how the site is being used. Examples of such information are as follows: length of stay on the site, the most frequently visited pages, etc.

Functional cookies allow the site to remember the user's choice of settings. For example, this is information about the language version of the site, location, and other site settings that users can customize to their needs. Such cookies also allow users to watch videos, leave comments, participate in interactive polls and polls, and interact with social networks as well.

Target cookies (targeting technology) are used to provide content that may be of interest to the user. Examples of data collected using such cookies are the following: tracking of text, graphics, audio and video to avoid re-displaying them, set up targeted advertising.

Examples of information that may be collected through cookies are the following: information about equipment using which you visit our site, software, operating system, IP address, type of your browser, its extensions and add-ons, location, language, time you spent on a particular page of our site, and the content you viewed, the links you used to access our site, your login and PIN (password) to log in to your Personal Account and more.

The purpose of collecting and further processing of the specified information is as follows:

1. improve the work of the site and make its use more efficient and convenient for you;

2. adjust the proposals that would be of the most interest and use for you (including contextual advertising).

Data collected with the help of cookies through the site is processed within a period that does not exceed the time required, based on the purpose of their processing.

Data collected using cookies through can be processed using the services of Google Analytics, Google Ads, Firebase Analytics only in accordance with the purpose of processing, stated above. Collection and processing of your data using such services is subject to these terms and the Google Privacy Policy (available at:;, Firebase available at: respectively.

Cookies do not collect information from your computer or other devices (including files on your computer or other devices). Note that a cookie is a set of characters, that is text data, that cannot perform any actions on its own (including being viral, spyware, or any other malicious software). You can independently, using the settings of your browser, completely disable cookies, activate the complete disabling of cookies after the end of the current session of your browser, block third-party cookies, create so-called "black" and / or "white" list of cookies, ban cookies from the "black" list, etc. These settings will apply to both the cookies we set and any third parties cookies.

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