Mission and values


01 Long-term development and creation of unique, high-quality, and healthy products


02 Be a global company with a balanced growth of the company value, operating profitability, and with strong brands


03 Create conditions for personal, professional and material growth of employees



01 Open thinking

Company leaders are able to see true abilities of our employees and create an environment that encourages taking initiative and looking for innovative answers to pressing questions by applying a "new" approach to the "old" processes

02 Responsibility and Respect

We always set ambitious goals. Each employee of the company is responsible for their initiatives and results, and when necessary, makes decisions based on facts, not speculation

03 Honesty and Decency

It is important for us to be honest with our partners, customers and colleagues and trust each other. Our advertence to consumers, employees and partners is the key to our success

04 Team

Company employees know and share its goals, values and priorities. Our company finds and develops talents, creates an environment in which everyone can improves their skills, acquire new knowledge and experience.